5 Ways to Maximize Your Home Investment

Thinking of Selling Your DFW Metro Area Home? These 5 Strategies Will Help You Sell Faster and For More Money!

Price Competitively from Day One

Possibly thinking about selling your home in Arlington, TX, Mansfield, TX, Fort Worth, TX and surrounding areas? 🤔

Hey, even in this crazy market it’s important to maximize the return on your investment.

I make it my point and priority to be on the cutting edge of innovation, technology, and market trends, Here are 5 things you need to do to maximize the return on your investment and to get the most favorable terms and timelines when selling.

✴️EXPOSURE We want to make sure that we expose your house through digital marketing, to the masses.

We’re actually averaging about 80,000 views on our ads, and we’re getting hours and hours of watchtime. Just imagine how that kind of exposure can work in your favor when selling. 🤯

It’s all done through a detailed digital marketing strategy, that takes an enormous

amount of time, effort, and training to perfect. I have paid thousands and

thousands of dollars to learn from online marketers to properly market and

expose the homes that I sell. And we continue to modify, adjust, and adapt as the

platforms change so we can optimize exposure.

You see, most Agents just do things like post on their business page and personal pages, but that’s not enough because these platforms only put content in front of you, when you are already interacting with it.

Meaning, in most cases the only people who are seeing the content that you’re posting is your family and friends (aka your mom). 👩‍👧‍👦

Our goal is to expose it to everyone else, to the masses. We do this by paying for advertising and targeting people online through Facebook and iInstagram. We also market on YouTube and Google.🎯

Now, what else is important when selling your home?

✴️ NEGOTIATING – Make sure you hire someone that’s an excellent negotiator I’ve read that in order to be considered an expert, you need 10,000 hours working on the trade. The market changes very rapidly and if your agent is not immersed in it, it will cost you money.

And, here’s something else you need to think about.

✴️ Price

✴️ Condition

✴️ Location.

Here’s the deal, make sure that you aren’t just looking at Zillow for an accurate analysis of what your home is worth.

Remember, Zillow is an algorithm. It doesn’t really take into account all the specific features of your house. It doesn’t know whether or not you have a pool, or the location, the views,

your upgrades, or the condition of your home. 🙄

And all of those things are really important, right?

If any of those things are off, if the condition is off, if the location is off, if you live near a busy road, or if you live on a cul-de-sac and so much more, all of those things affect the price. 💲

So you need to make positive or negative adjustments when determining price, just like an appraiser would.

Remember, exposure and marketing are super, super important when you’re selling. You need to hire somebody with tons of experience to maximize your investment and protect your best interests. And listen, I get it, there are so many agents out there and everybody knows a Realtor.😩

But don’t leave the biggest investment of your entire life, to your cousin or uncle who sells real estate on the side. You need an expert. Go to somebody who’s going to expose your home to the masses, who’s an expert at their game, who takes their job seriously, who does it full-time and has your best interest at heart. 💗

If you’re thinking about buying or selling, or would just like a little advice, I would love to help you. Please comment below or send me a message.